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audgen(2)							     audgen(2)

       audgen - generate an audit record

       audgen(event, tokenp, argv)
       int event;
       char *tokenp, *argv[];

       The  system  call  generates  an audit record, which gets placed in the

       The argument event is an integer indicating the event type of the oper‐
       ation  being  audited  (see  ).	 The  value  of	 event must be between

       The argument tokenp is a null-terminated array of token types  (see  ),
       each  of which represents the type of argument referenced by the corre‐
       sponding *argv argument.

       The argument argv is a pointer to an array containing the actual	 argu‐
       ments  or  pointers  to	those arguments that are to be recorded in the
       audit record.  A pointer to the actual argument is placed in that array
       when  the  argument is a string, array, or other variable length struc‐
       ture.  Arguments represented as int's or short's are placed directly in
       that array.  Each member of the array must be word-aligned.  You cannot
       change the values for the audit_id, uid, ruid, pid,  ppid,  device,  IP
       address, or hostid (secondary tokens for these values are available).

Return Values
       Upon  successful	 completion,  returns  a  value	 of  0.	 Otherwise, it
       returns a value of -1 and sets the global  integer  variable  errno  to
       indicate the error.

       The  call  is  a privileged system call.	 No record is generated if the
       specified event is not being audited for the current process.  The max‐
       imum number of arguments referenced by argv is AUD_NPARAM (8).

       The system call fails under the following conditions:

       [EACCES]	      The user is not privileged for this operation.

       [EINVAL]	      The  value supplied for the event, tokenp, or argv argu‐
		      ment is invalid.


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