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bdiff(1)							      bdiff(1)

       bdiff - big file differential comparator

       bdiff file1 file2 [n] [-s]

       The  command is used to find lines that must be changed in two files to
       bring them into agreement.  Its purpose is to allow processing of files
       that are too large for

       The command ignores lines common to the beginning of both files, splits
       the remainder of each file into n-line segments, and invokes upon  cor‐
       responding  segments.   The  value  of  n  is  3500 by default.	If the
       optional third argument is given and if it is numeric, it  is  used  as
       the value for n.	 This is useful in those cases in which 3500-line seg‐
       ments are too large for causing it to fail.

       The output of the command is the same as the  output  of	 the  command:
       line numbers are adjusted to account for the segmenting of the files to
       make it look as if the files  had  been	processed  whole.   Note  that
       because	of  the segmenting of the files, does not necessarily find the
       smallest sufficient set of file differences.

       If either file1 or file2	 is  -,	 the  standard	input  is  read.   The
       optional	 -s  (silent) argument specifies that no diagnostics are to be
       printed by However, this does not suppress possible exclamations by  If
       both  optional  arguments  are specified, they must appear in the order
       indicated above.

       -s		   Suppresses normal diagnostic messages.

       Use for explanations.


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