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cmcp(1m)							      cmcp(1m)

       cmcp - Copy files between Serviceguard nodes

       cmcp [-rv] [src_node:]src_file [...]  [dest_node:]dest_file

       cmcp copies files and/or directories between Serviceguard nodes.

       cmcp  is	 limited  in  several ways. cmcp is best suited for situations
       where other remote copy facilities are not available. For a  more  full
       featured tool for copying files between Serviceguard nodes, see ccp(1m)
       provided by Distributed Systems Administration Utilities.

       To use this command, the local user must have the root access  role  on
       each of the involved nodes. For more information on Serviceguard access
       control policies, see the manual, Managing Serviceguard.

       Paths may be relative to the current  working  directory	 or  specified
       absolutely.   The current working directory on a remote node is assumed
       to be the same as the  local  node's  directory.	  Copies  between  two
       remote hosts are permitted.

       If a file or directory already exists on the destination node, the des‐
       tination node's copy will be overwritten with no prompting.

       The cmcp command is not suited for large	 files	or  large  numbers  of
       files  and  may	result in a heavy load on the command and Serviceguard
       daemons. Other tools such as ccp should be considered  for  these  pur‐

   Options And Arguments
	      -r   Recursively copy entire directories.

	      -v   Verbose output will be displayed.

		   Serviceguard	 node  to  retrieve the file from. Defaults to
		   the local node.

		   Path to source file on src_node.

		   Serviceguard node to copy file to. Defaults	to  the	 local

		   Path to copy src_file to on the dest_node.

       cmcp returns the following values:

	       0   Successful completion.
	       1   Command failed.

       Copy the local file /etc/hosts to remote node node1

	      cmcp /etc/hosts node1:/etc/hosts

       Copy the remote file /etc/passwd on node1 locally

	      cmcp node1:/etc/passwd /tmp/passwd.poe

       Copy a local script directory to a remote node

	      cmcp -r /etc/cmcluster/scripts node1:/etc/cmcluster

       cmcp was developed by HP.

       rcp(1),	  scp(1),    ccp(1m),	 cmsync(1m),   cmexec(1m),   cmdo(1m),
       cmquerycl(1m), cmviewcl(1m)

		    Requires Optional Serviceguard Software	      cmcp(1m)

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