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cmp(1)									cmp(1)

       cmp - compare two files

       cmp [-l | -s] file1 file2  [ skip1 ]  [ skip2 ]

       The command compares two files.	If either file1 or file2 is `-', stan‐
       dard input is used for the file.	 With no options, makes no comment  if
       the  files  are the same.  If they differ, it reports the byte and line
       number at which the difference occurred to  standard  output.   If  one
       file  is	 an  initial  subsequence of the other a message including the
       file name is written to standard error.

       The optional skip1 and skip2 parameters are initial byte	 offsets  into
       file1  and  file2 respectively and may be either octal, by specifying a
       leading 0, or decimal.  When  using  skip1  and	skip2  the  offset  is
       treated as the start of the respective input file.  Only one option may
       be specified at a time.	Only one of the input files  may  be  standard
       input  at a time.  Because the line number is not calculated when using
       either of the options the use of either flag will increase the speed of

       -l Long format:	prints the byte number	(decimal)  and	the  differing
	  bytes (octal) for each difference.

       -s Suppresses normal output and sets the exit code only.

       Exit code 0 is returned for identical files, 1 for different files, and
       2 for an inaccessible or missing argument.

See Also
       comm(1), diff(1)


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