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col(1)									col(1)

       col - filter reverse line feeds

       col [-options]

       The  command  reads  the standard input and writes the standard output.
       It performs the line overlays implied by reverse line feeds  (ESC-7  in
       ASCII)  and  by	forward	 and reverse half line feeds (ESC-9 and ESC-8,
       respectively).  The command is particularly useful for filtering multi‐
       column output made with the command of and for filtering output result‐
       ing from the preprocessor.

       Although accepts half line motions in its input, it does	 not  normally
       output them.  Instead, text that would appear between lines is moved to
       the next lower full line boundary.

       The control characters SO (ASCII code 017) and SI (ASCII code 016)  are
       assumed to start and end text in an alternate character set.  The char‐
       acter set (primary or alternate) associated with each printing  charac‐
       ter  read is remembered.	 On output, SO and SI characters are generated
       where necessary to maintain the correct treatment of each character.

       The command normally converts white space to tabs to  shorten  printing
       time.  If the -h option is given, this conversion is suppressed.

       On   input,   the   only	  control  characters  accepted	 are  <space>,
       <backspace>, <tab>, <return>, <newline>, etc...	The VT character is an
       alternate  form	of  full  reverse linefeed, included for compatibility
       with earlier programs of this type. All other  non-printing  characters
       are ignored.

       -b     Assumes that the output device does not have backspacing.

       -f     Suppresses moving half lines to the next full line.

       -h     Suppresses conversion of white space to tabs.

       -p     Forces  through  unchanged any unknown escape sequences that are
	      found in its input. This option should be used with care.

       -x     Suppresses conversion of white space to tabs (same as -h).

       Cannot back up more than 128 lines.
       No more than 800 characters, including backspaces, on a line.

See Also
       tbl(1), nroff(1)


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