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conv(3)								       conv(3)

       toupper, tolower, _toupper, _tolower, toascii - translate characters

       #include <ctype.h>

       int toupper(c)
       int c;

       int tolower(c)
       int c;

       int _toupper(c)
       int c;

       int _tolower(c)
       int c;

       int toascii(c)
       int c;

       The  functions  and  have as their domain the range of the function. If
       the argument to represents a lowercase  letter,	the  output  from  the
       function is the corresponding uppercase letter. If the argument to rep‐
       resents an uppercase letter, the result is the corresponding  lowercase

       The  case  of  c depends on the definition of the character in the lan‐
       guage database. Because the case of a character can vary	 between  lan‐
       guage  databases, the case of c depends on what language database is in
       use. Specifically, the case  of	arguments  depends  on	what  property
       tables are associated the LC_CTYPE category.  Property tables are asso‐
       ciated with the LC_CTYPE category by a successful call to the  function
       that  includes  the  LC_CTYPE category. If no successful call to define
       LC_CTYPE has occurred or if the character case information is  unavail‐
       able  for  the  language in use, the rules of the ASCII coded character
       set determine the case of arguments.

       If the argument to the function does not have the uppercase  attribute,
       returns the argument unchanged.	Likewise, if the argument to the func‐
       tion does not have the lowercase attribute, returns it unchanged.

       The macros and have the same affect as and The difference is  that  the
       argument to the macros must be an ASCII character (that is, a character
       in the domain -1 to 127) and the argument  must	have  the  appropriate
       case.   Arguments to must have the uppercase attribute and arguments to
       must the lowercase attribute. The  result  of  supplying	 arguments  to
       these macros that are outside the domain or do not have the appropriate
       case is undefined.  These macros operate faster than the and functions.

       The macro converts its argument to the ASCII character set.  The	 macro
       converts its argument by truncating the numerical representation of the
       argument so that it is between -1 and 127. You can use this macro  when
       you move an application to a system other than an ULTRIX system.

   International Environment
       LC_CTYPE	      If  this environment variable is set and valid, uses the
		      international language database named in the  definition
		      to determine character classification rules.

See Also
       ctype(3int), setlocale(3), getc(3)


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