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edquota(8)							    edquota(8)

       edquota - edit user quotas

       edquota [ -p proto-user ] users...

       The  command  is	 a quota editor.  You can specify one or more users on
       the command line.  For each user, creates  a  temporary	file  with  an
       ASCII  representation  of  the current disc quotas for that user and an
       editor is then invoked on the file.  You can then  modify  the  quotas,
       add  new quotas, and so forth.  Upon leaving the editor, reads the tem‐
       porary file and modifies the binary quota files to reflect the  changes

       If  a valid quota file does not exist, refers the user to The user then
       has the option of either supplying the command which automatically cre‐
       ates the necessary quota file, or creating an empty quota file by vari‐
       ous other means.

       If the option is specified, duplicates for each user, the quotas of the
       prototypical  user  specified. This is the usual mechanism used to ini‐
       tialize quotas for groups of users.

       The editor invoked is unless the environment variable EDITOR  specifies

       Only the superuser can edit quotas.

       Various	messages  about	 inaccessible  files. Other messages are self-

       quotas	      At the root of each file system with quotas

       Used to find file system names and locations

See Also
       quota(1), quota(2), quotacheck(8), quotaon(8), repquota(8)
       ``Disk Quotas in a UNIX Environment,'' ULTRIX Supplementary  Documents,
       Volume 3: System Manager


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