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eli(8)									eli(8)

       eli - error log initialization program

       eli [ options ]

       The command initializes error logging.  This command enables error log‐
       ging of hardware and system-related error packets, or  error  messages,
       from  the  kernel  errorlog buffer.  It can also disable error logging,
       reconfigure error logging parameters, or initialize the kernel errorlog

       -d     Disables error logging.

       -e     Enables error logging in multiuser mode.

       -f     Forces  the subsequent option; the system will not prompt.  This
	      is the only command option you can use with another option.

       -h     Prints information about the command.

       -i     Initializes the kernel errorlog buffer.  The  previous  contents
	      of the errorlog buffer are lost.

       -l     Logs a one-line status message to the kernel errorlog buffer.

       -n     Only  supported for local error logging.	Disables logging error
	      packets to disk by the daemon. High priority error messages con‐
	      tinue to be printed at the console.  Note that error log packets
	      can be viewed by using the option in real time,  but  are	 never
	      written  to  the	disk.	For this reason, this option is rarely

       -q     Suppresses the periodic display, on the console, of  the	missed
	      error message that results from a full kernel errorlog buffer.

       -r     Reconfigures  error logging.  Use this option after changing the

       -s     Enables error logging in single-user mode.

       -w     Enables the missed error message to appear on the console	 every
	      15 minutes.  This option is the opposite of

       This example logs a one-line message into the errorlog file.
       eli -f -l "This is a test message"
       This  example  logs  a message, up to and including the first new line,
       from the file
       eli -f -l < myfile > /dev/null

       You must have superuser privileges to use the command.

       Only the -f option can be used with other options.  You	must  use  the
       syntax shown in the examples above.

       eli: Request Aborted.
       The  requested  action was aborted.  The reason for the aborted command
       is included with the output.

See Also
       elcsd.conf(5), elcsd(8), uerf(8)
       Guide to the Error Logger


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