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ethers(5)							     ethers(5)

       ethers - database that maps Ethernet addresses to hostnames

       The  file  is  used  in conjunction with the reverse address resolution
       protocol daemon, to map Ethernet addresses to hostnames.	  It  contains
       information about the known (48-bit) Ethernet addresses of hosts on the

       For each host on an Ethernet, a single line should be  present  in  the
       file with the following information:

       Ethernet-address	       official-host-name

       Items  are  separated by one or more spaces or tabs.  A number sign (#)
       indicates the beginning of a comment that extends to the end of line.

       The standard form for Ethernet addresses is:


       The x is a hexadecimal number between 0 and ff,	representing  1	 byte.
       The address bytes are always in network order.

       Hostnames  can contain any printable character other than a space, tab,
       newline, or number sign (#).

       Hostnames in the file should correspond to the hostnames in the file or
       to those provided by the name service.

       The  following is a sample file: 08:00:20:01:e5:1c	host1	     #
       Comments go here 08:00:20:01:d0:4c	 host2	       #  Comments  go
       here   08:00:20:01:e0:1d		host3	       #   Comments   go  here
       08:00:20:00:c2:4e       host4	    # Comments go here

See Also
       ethers(3n), hosts(5), rarpd(8c)
       Introduction to Networking and Distributed System Services


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