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exit(2)								       exit(2)

       _exit - terminate a process

       #include <stdlib.h>
       void _exit(status)
       int status;

       The  function,  terminates  a calling process with the following conse‐

       ·    All of the file  descriptors  open	in  the	 calling  process  are

       ·    If	the parent process of the calling process is executing a it is
	    notified of the calling process's termination  and	the  low-order
	    eight bits of status are made available to it.  For further infor‐
	    mation, see

       ·    The parent process ID of all of  the  calling  process's  existing
	    child  processes  and  zombie  processes  are also set to 1.  This
	    means that the initialization process inherits each of these  pro‐
	    cesses as well.  For further information, see

       ·    Each  attached  shared memory segment is detached and the value of
	    shm_nattach in the data structure associated with its shared  mem‐
	    ory identifier is decremented by 1.

       ·    For	 each semaphore for which the calling process has set a semadj
	    value, (see ) that semadj value is added  to  the  semval  of  the
	    specified semaphore.

       ·    If	the  process  has  a process, text, or data lock, an unlock is

       ·    An accounting record is written on the accounting file if the sys‐
	    tem's accounting routine is enabled. For more information, see

       Calling	directly  circumvents  all  cleanup.  Most C programs call the
       library routine which performs cleanup  actions	in  the	 standard  I/O
       library before calling

   POSIX, System V
       The  function  differs from the System V as well as POSIX definition in
       that even if the calling process is a process group leader, the	SIGHUP
       signal is not sent to each process that has a process group ID equal to
       that of the calling process.

       The function also differs in that the routine is declared as  type  int
       instead of type void.

See Also
       fork(2), wait(2), exit(3), signal(3).


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