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fitset(8)							     fitset(8)

       fitset - determine if subset fits on a system

       /etc/stl/fitset [ -d ] [ root-path ]

       The utility determines if files in a software subset will fit on a sys‐

       The utility reads subset inventory records from the standard input  and
       calculates the number of inodes and the amount of disk space the subset
       requires.  For the inode calculation, deducts one inode from the number
       available in the target file system for each inventory record.  For the
       disk space calculation, deducts the file size specified by each	inven‐
       tory  record.  Only currently mounted UFS and NFS file systems are used
       in the computations.

       The utility adjusts space requirements for files already on the disk by
       using  the  difference  between	the specified size and the size of the
       file that is already present.

       A given subset can include files that are to be	installed  in  several
       file  systems.	The  utility  tracks inodes and disk space of all file
       systems affected and returns nonzero status if the required  number  of
       inodes  or  free space overflows those remaining.  If there is no over‐
       flow, returns a status of zero.

       The utility uses to size all subsets before attempting to install them.
       The  root-path  argument	 is  the pathname of the top directory for the
       hierarchy into which the files are going to be installed. If  no	 root-
       path is specified, the directory '/' is assumed.

       -d     Enable debugging. Directs to print voluminous status information
	      on the standard output. This information	contains  the  initial
	      file  system  statistics,	 the  file system location of the file
	      from each input record, and the statistics for the  file	system
	      after the space required to install the file has been deducted.

       If there are not enough free inodes in an NFS-mounted file system, does
       not report a problem.  As a result, a subset can fail to install.

       To determine if a particular subset will fit on	the  system,  redirect
       the contents of the subset inventory file into For example:
       fitset < /usr/etc/subsets/ULTUUCP400.inv

       To  determine  if the same subset will fit in a hierarchy rooted at the
       command would be:
       fitset /var/tmp/root < /usr/etc/subsets/ULTUUCP400.inv

       fitset: root path must be absolute
       A relative pathname was specified for root-path.	  This	path  must  be

       fitset: cannot stat root-path (error message)
       The  root-path  cannot  be  accessed.  The  error message provides more

       fitset: root-path is not a directory.
       Either root-path is not a directory or it is a symbolic link  to	 some‐
       thing which is not a directory.

       fitset: <WARNING> path is a symbolic link to itself
       The is a symbolic link that involves cyclic linking.

       fitset: file system path is out of space, blocks (1024) = xxx, inodes =
       The file system is out of space.	 The numbers  of  remaining  1024-byte
       blocks and inodes are shown as xxx and yyy respectively.

       fitset: file system path is not writable
       The  file  system  is  an  NFS-mounted file system that allows no write

       See Also
	      Guide to Preparing Software for Distribution on ULTRIX Systems


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