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fsclean(1M)							   fsclean(1M)

       fsclean - determine the shutdown status of HFS file systems

       [special ...]

       The command determines the shutdown status of the HFS file system spec‐
       ified by special or, in the absence of special, the file systems listed
       in  of  type  with  the or options set.	All optional fields in must be
       present for to be able to check each file system.

       reads the superblock to determine whether the file system's last	 shut‐
       down was done correctly, and returns one of the following values:

	      All of the checked file systems were shut down correctly.

	      One or more checked file systems were not shutdown correctly,
		   implying that should be run (see fsck(1M)).

	      Other error (such as

       The command is usually silent.

       Check quotas.
		 Instead  of  checking the file system shutdown status, checks
		 the validity of disk quota statistics.	 This option is useful
		 for  determining  whether should be run (see quotacheck(1M)).
		 If special is not provided, then all file systems in of  type
		 with the (or and options are checked.

       Retry open on a device special file for up to 6 minutes.

       Be verbose.
		 Prints the status of each file system checked.

       only operates on HFS file systems.

       was developed by HP.

       Default list of file systems to check

       dumpfs(1M),  fsck(1M),  fsck_hfs(1M),  mount(1M),  quotacheck(1M), quo‐
       tacheck_hfs(1M), reboot(1M), fstab(4).


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