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getfsent(3x)							  getfsent(3x)

       getfsent,  getfsspec,  getfsfile,  getfstype,  setfsent, endfsent - get
       file system descriptor file entry

       #include <fstab.h>
       #include /usr/include/sys/fs_types.h

       struct fstab *getfsent()

       struct fstab *getfsspec(spec)
       char *spec;

       struct fstab *getfsfile(file)
       char *file;

       struct fstab *getfstype(type)
       char *type;

       int setfsent()

       int endfsent()

       All routines operate on the file which  contains	 descriptions  of  the
       known  file  systems.   The routine opens this file.  The routine reads
       the next file system description within opening the file if  necessary.
       The routine closes the file.

       The  and	 routines  sequentially scan the file for specific file system
       descriptions.  The routine searches for a description with  a  matching
       special file name field.	 The routine searches for a description with a
       matching file system path prefix field.	The  routine  searches	for  a
       description with a matching file system type field.

       The  and	 each  return a pointer to a representation of the description
       they have matched or read.  Representations are in the  format  of  the
       following structure:
       #define	 FSTAB_RW  "rw" /* read-write device	  */
       #define	 FSTAB_RO  "ro" /* read-only device	  */
       #define	 FSTAB_RQ  "rq" /* read-write with quotas */
       #define	 FSTAB_SW  "sw" /* swap device		  */
       #define	 FSTAB_XX  "xx" /* ignore totally	  */

       struct fstab {
	    char *fs_spec; /* block special device name	   */
	    char *fs_file; /* file system path prefix	   */
	    char *fs_type; /* rw,ro,sw or xx		   */
	    int	 fs_freq;  /* dump frequency, in days	   */
	    int	 fs_passno;	/* pass number on parallel dump */
	    char *fs_name; /* name of the file system type */
	    char *fs_opts  /* arbitrary options field	   */

Return Values
       A NULL or 0 is returned, but errno is not set on detection of errors.

       All descriptions are contained in static areas, which should be copied.

       /etc/fstab     File system information file.

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