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getsvc(3)							     getsvc(3)

       getsvc - get a pointer to the svcinfo structure

       #include <sys/svcinfo.h>

       struct svcinfo *getsvc()

       The  call  retrieves information from the system about the structure by
       returning a pointer to the structure.  This  structure  is  initialized
       the first time a call is made.  The contents of the file are parsed and
       stored in the structure.	 If the file is modified, the contents of this
       structure will be updated upon the next call.

       The  file contains the names of the databases that can be served by YP,
       BIND, or local files and the name service selection for each  database.
       It  also	 has settings for four security parameters.  The database ser‐
       vice selection and security parameters are stored in the structure.

       The following structure exists in the file:
       #define SVC_DATABASES 20
       #define SVC_PATHSIZE 8
       struct svcinfo {
	   int svcdate;	      /* Last mod date of /etc/svc.conf */

	   int svcpath[SVC_DATABASES][SVC_PATHSIZE];	/* indexed by
				 databases and choice 0=first choice
			      1=second choice, etc value stored is
			source */

	      struct {
		  int passlenmin;
		  int passlenmax;
		  int softexp;
		  int seclevel;
	      } svcauth;

       The field contains the date that the file was last modified.  The array
       contains	 the  name  service  choices for each database.	 The structure
       contains the values for the four security parameters:  password	length
       minimum	(passlenmin), password length maximum (passlenmax), soft expi‐
       ration date of a password (softexp), and	 security  mode	 of  a	system

       The  following programming example shows how to use the call to use the
       information in the structure to process specific host information.
       #include <sys/svcinfo.h>
       struct svcinfo *svcinfo;

       if ((svcinfo = getsvc()) != NULL)
	 for (i=0; (j = svcinfo->svcpath[SVC_HOSTS][i]) != SVC_LAST; i++)
	     switch(j) {
		 case SVC_BIND:
		     /* process BIND hosts */
		 case SVC_YP:
		     /* process YP hosts */
		 case SVC_LOCAL:
		  /* process LOCAL hosts */

See Also
       svc.conf(5), svcsetup(8)


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