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group(5)							      group(5)

       group - group file

       The  file  is an ASCII file that contains the following information for
       each group:

       Group name
       Encrypted password
       Numerical group ID
       Comma-separated list of all users allowed in the group

       Each group name is separated from the next by a new line.   The	fields
       are separated by colons.	 If the password field is null, no password is

       Because of the encrypted passwords, it can and does have	 general  read
       permission  and can be used, for example, to map numerical group IDs to

       The database can be distributed in a network by a naming service,  such
       as Yellow Pages or BIND/Hesiod.	See the Guide to the Yellow Pages Ser‐
       vice or the Guide to the BIND/Hesiod Service for setup information.

       No more than 200 users are allowed in any group.	 Any user names	 which
       appear  on the line after the 200th name are ignored.  In addition, the
       total number of characters in a line in the group  file	cannot	exceed
       1820.   If  the	number of characters on the line approaches 1800, care
       should be taken to avoid any extra spaces or tabs on  the  line.	  Each
       name  should  be	 separated solely by a comma to maximize the number of
       users on the line.

       The command will not change the passwords.

       Increasing the number of groups that a user is in beyond 8  can	affect
       services	 that  use SUN RPC.  The version of SUN RPC shipped with ULTRX
       V4.2 supports up to 32 groups.  Prior versions supported users being in
       up  to 8 groups.	 Users who increase the number of groups that they are
       a member of to more than 8 will not be able to NFS mount	 file  systems
       from  ULTRIX  servers  older  than  V4.2.   If root group membership is
       increased to more than 8 groups on a V4.2 system, the  YP  service  may
       not  work if that V4.2 system is in a mixed YP server environment where
       there are both V4.2 and previous releases of YP servers.	  Again,  this
       incompatibility	can  only occur if a user's or root's group membership
       is increased to more than 8 groups.

See Also
       passwd(1),   setgroups(2),   crypt(3),	getgrent(3),   initgroups(3x),
       Guide to the BIND/Hesiod Service
       Guide to the Yellow Pages Service


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