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hesiod(3)							     hesiod(3)

       hes_init, hes_to_bind, hes_error, hes_resolve - routines for using Hes‐

       #include <hesiod.h>


       char *hes_to_bind(HesiodName, HesiodNameType)
       char *HesiodName, *HesiodNameType;


       har **hes_resolve(HesiodName, HesiodNameType)
       char *HesiodName, *HesiodNameType;

       The routine opens and reads the Hesiod configuration file,  to  extract
       the left hand side and right hand side of the Hesiod name.

       The routine takes as arguments a and and returns a fully qualified name
       to be handed to BIND.

       The two most useful routines to the applications programmer are and The
       routine	has no arguments and returns an integer which corresponds to a
       set of errors which can be found in file.
       #define HES_ER_UNINIT	       -1

       #define HES_ER_OK		0

       #define HES_ER_NOTFOUND		1

       #define HES_ER_CONFIG		2

       #define HES_ER_NET		3

       The routine resolves given names via the Hesiod name server.  It	 takes
       as arguments a name to be resolved, the and a type corresponding to the
       name, the and returns a pointer to an array of strings  which  contains
       all  data  that matched the query, one match per array slot.  The array
       is null terminated.

       If applications require the data to be maintained  throughout  multiple
       calls to the data should be copied since another call to will overwrite
       any previously-returned data.  A null is returned if the data cannot be

       The  following example shows the use of the Hesiod routines to obtain a
       Hesiod name from a Hesiod database:
       #include <hesiod.h>

       char *HesiodName, *HesiodNameType;
       char **hp;

       hp = hes_resolve(HesiodName, HesiodNameType);
       if (hp == NULL) {
	    error = hes_error();
	    switch(error) {

See Also
       hesiod.conf(5), bindsetup(8)
       Guide to the BIND/Hesiod Service


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