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ioconfig(4)							   ioconfig(4)

       ioconfig - ioconfig entry format

       The  file is used to retain information on a system's I/O configuration
       across reboots.	It contains two types of information:

	 ·  Mappings of dynamically allocated major numbers to drivers.

	 ·  Mappings of instance numbers to hardware paths.

       At boot time this file is read and the information  is  stored  in  the
       kernel  data  structure.	 The file is created by at install time and is
       modified by and when  devices  are  added  or  removed  (see  insf(1M),
       rmsf(1M),  and  ioscan(1M)).   The only purpose of the file to maintain
       configuration information when the system is not	 running.   While  the
       system  is running, all accesses are made directly to the kernel struc‐
       ture, although any tools that change the kernel	structures  must  also
       keep consistent.

       There  will be two copies of maintained: and A second copy is placed in
       because NFS diskless clients are not  guaranteed	 to  have  a  reliable
       directory at boot time.

       The file begins with the magic number.

       Following  the  magic number is an array of structures, which logically
       form a tree structure defining the connectivity of the  various	levels
       of software modules and managers, the device class and hardware address
       of each element, and the logical unit associated with each  leaf	 node.
       The root of the tree is array element 0.

       Each contains the following fields as defined in

       The definitions of each element are as follows:

       Each record must have a character string as its first entry
		 which	is  used  to  identify	the  record type.  The default
		 record is the If the string begins with an underscore charac‐
		 ter then it is one of the variants.

       This is the default record entry for the ioconfig file.
		 The  must  begin  with an underscore character to distinguish
		 record from other record type.

       The element is a structure that contains following elements.

       This record stores information about major numbers dynamically assigned
		 to drivers.  It is used to allow major number assignments  to
		 persist across boots.	The must begin with (underscore) char‐
		 acter to distinguish record from other record type.

       The contains following elements.

       was developed by HP.

       SEE ALSO
	      insf(1M), ioinit(1M), ioscan(1M), rmsf(1M), magic(4).


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