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kdb_init(8krb)							kdb_init(8krb)

       kdb_init - initialize the Kerberos master database

       /var/dss/kerberos/bin/kdb_init [ realm-name ] [ database-name ]

       realm-name   The realm of the Kerberos database.

		    A database specified so that the current and files are not

       The utility creates and initializes the Kerberos master database.   The
       utility	creates	 the database files: and It also initializes the data‐
       base by adding three database entries: the master database principal, a
       Kerberos default principal, the ticket-granting service principal ( and
       the password changing principal,

       The master database principal is the entry to the database itself.  You
       cannot use or modify the database without the master database password.
       The Kerberos default principal provides a template for service  princi‐

       The  ticket-granting  service, is used by Kerberos principals to obtain
       tickets to communicate with other Kerberos principals.	The  password-
       changing principal is not used.

       If  realm-name  is  omitted when you enter the command, prompts for it.
       The program also prompts for  the  master  database  key.   You	cannot
       manipulate the database without this key.

       By  using database-name, you can create another database to prevent the
       current and files from being overwritten.

       After using to set up the master database, you  may  want  to  use  the
       utility	to  hide  the  master  database	 password on the database host
       machine. This enables Kerberos administration programs  to  access  and
       manipulate  the	master	database,  without  needing the password to be
       entered manually.

       See Also
	      kdb_util(8krb),	kstash(8krb),	 kdb_edit(8krb),


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