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kinit(8krb)							   kinit(8krb)

       kinit - Kerberos login utility

       /usr/bin/kinit [ -irv ]

       You  use the command to log into the Kerberos authentication and autho‐
       rization system.	 You also use the command when your  original  tickets
       have  expired.	When  you use the command without options, the utility
       prompts for a username and a Kerberos password and attempts to  authen‐
       ticate to the local Kerberos server.

       If  Kerberos authenticates you correctly, retrieves your initial ticket
       and puts it in the ticket file specified by the	KRBTKFILE  environment
       variable.   If you have not defined this variable, the ticket is stored
       in the file

       Make sure you use the command to destroy any active tickets before end‐
       ing  your  login session.  You may want to put the command in a file so
       that all tickets are destroyed automatically when you  log  out.	  Only
       registered Kerberos users can use the Kerberos system.

       -i     Causes to prompt you for a Kerberos instance.

       -r     Causes to prompt you for a Kerberos realm.  This option lets you
	      authenticate yourself with a remote Kerberos server.

       -v     Initiates verbose mode.	This causes to print the name  of  the
	      ticket  file used and a status message indicating the success or
	      failure of your login attempt.

       Although user-level authentication is  not  supported,  is  useful  for
       testing the installation of Kerberos functionality, by determining if a
       newly installed principal can obtain  a	ticket-granting	 ticket.   For
       example,	 to  determine	if  the	 running  on  machine X can obtain its
       ticket-granting ticket, you can	run  input  the	 principal  name,  the
       instance,  X,  and  the	password of If succeeds, then Kerberos is cor‐
       rectly installed on machine X.

       The option has not been fully implemented.

       See Also
	      kdestroy(8krb), klist(8krb)


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