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kpropd(8krb)							  kpropd(8krb)

       kpropd - Kerberos utility

       /usr/etc/kpropd output_file [ -d krb_database ] [ -l log_file ]
       [ -r realm_name ] [ -s srvtab_file ]

       The  daemon  runs on a Kerberos slave and waits to receive the Kerberos
       database propagated from a process on a	Kerberos  master.   The	 first
       parameter,  output_file, that you must supply to the daemon is the name
       of a database file in which data will be placed when it comes over  the

       The  utility  executes  the  utility, which loads the database from the
       file specified in output_file, puts it in format, and  copies  it  into
       the Kerberos database in the directory.

       -r     Specifies	 the receiver realm for which data is accepted; speci‐
	      fies the default.	 (See the reference  page  for	more  informa‐

       -s     Specifies the service table (srvtab) file from which to read the
	      password of the daemon, because a	 password  cannot  be  entered
	      manually when is running as a daemon.  The default is

       -d     Specifies	 the  primary  Kerberos	 database  file	 of a Kerberos
	      slave.  This file receives a new or updated database  propagated
	      from  the	 Kerberos  master.  The default is the database in the
	      directory, The files are: and

       -l     This option specifies the name of the  log  file	to  use.   The
	      default log file is

       The command does not support the transfer of encrypted data.

       If  the	directory  is not included in the PATH environment variable of
       the process that runs then will fail because it cannot locate

       See Also
	      kprop(8krb), kdb_util(8krb), krb.conf(5krb)


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