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lex(1)									lex(1)

       lex - generate lexical analyzer

       lex [-tvfn] file...

       The command generates programs to be used in simple lexical analysis of
       text.  The input files (standard input default) contain regular expres‐
       sions  to be searched for, and actions written in C to be executed when
       expressions are found.

       A C source program, 'lex.yy.c', is generated.  It is compiled using the
       following command line:
       cc lex.yy.c -ll
       This  program  copies unrecognized portions of the input to the output,
       and executes the associated C action for each regular  expression  that
       is recognized.

       -f   Runs  a faster compilation (does not pack resulting tables).  This
	    is limited to small programs.

       -n   Prints no summary information (default option).

       -t   Writes to standard output instead of to file

       -v   Prints one-line summary of generated statistics.

       In the following example, the command
       lex lexcommands
       draws instructions from the file lexcommands, and places the output  in
       lex.yy.c.  The command
       [A-Z]	 putchar(yytext[0]+´a´-´A´);
       [ ]+$
       [ ]+ putchar(´ ´);

       is an example of a program that would be put into a command file.  This
       program converts upper case to lower, removes  blanks  at  the  end  of
       lines, and replaces multiple blanks by single blanks.

See Also
       sed(1), yacc(1)
       "LEX  - Lexical Analyzer Generator", Supplementary Documents, Volume 2:


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