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llbd(8ncs)							    llbd(8ncs)

       llbd - Local Location Broker Daemon

       /etc/ncs/llbd [ -version ]

       The  Local  Location Broker Daemon ( ) is part of the Network Computing
       System (NCS).  It manages the Local  Location  Broker  (LLB)  database,
       which stores information about RPC-based server programs running on the
       local host.

       A host must run if it is to  support  the  Location  Broker  forwarding
       function	 or  to	 allow remote access (for example, by the tool) to the
       LLB database.  In general, any host that runs an RPC-based server  pro‐
       gram  must  run	an  and	 must  be  running before any such servers are
       started.	 Additionally, any network supporting RPC activity should have
       at least one host running a Global Location Broker Daemon ( ).

       On  ULTRIX  systems, is typically started by a line in such as the fol‐
       /etc/ncs/llbd& echo -n ' llbd' > /dev/console
       If your system contains more than  one  broadcast  interface,  the  RPC
       software uses only the broadcast interface associated with the value in
       your file.

       -version	 Display the version of the  Network  Computing	 Kernel	 (NCK)
		 that  this  belongs to, but do not start the daemon.  (NCK is
		 part of the Network Computing System (NCS) on which DECrpc is

See Also
       lb_admin(1ncs), nrglbd(8ncs)
       Guide to the Location Broker


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