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lssf(1M)							      lssf(1M)

       lssf - list a special file

       special_file ...


       In  the	first  form, lists information about a special file.  For each
       special_file name, determines the major number of the special file  and
       whether	it  is	block or character (using It then scans the system for
       the device that is associated with the special file.  When  the	device
       is found, the minor number of the special file is decoded.

       A  mnemonic description of the minor number is printed on standard out‐
       put along with the hardware path	 (in  other  words,  address)  of  the
       device.	 Mnemonics  used to describe the fields are closely related to
       the options used with (see mksf(1M)).

       In the second form, displays the list of	 stale	device	special	 files
       present in selected directories under the directory.

       In the third form, executes a Critical Resource Analysis (CRA) on the

       recognizes the following options:

	      Displays the Critical Resource Analysis (CRA) of

	      Displays the stale device special files present in the
		   directories	below,	which  contain	special files for mass
		   storage devices.  The stale device special files correspond
		   to nodes that have an entry in the system I/O configuration
		   files but the  corresponding	 device	 is  not  found.   The
		   device  special  files  can	either be legacy or persistent
		   (see intro(7)).

       Most diagnostic messages from are self explanatory.  Listed  below  are
       some  messages deserving further clarification.	Warnings allow to con‐

       There is no information about the device in the kernel.
		 The special file is not usable.  Use to  remove  the  special
		 file (see rmsf(1M)).

       The  major number associated with the special file is not in the
		 Use to add the appropriate driver to the  kernel  (see

       The indicated device driver or device class
		 is  not present in the kernel.	 An of a special
		 file pointing to an unusable device fails.   To
		 make  the device usable, the appropriate device
		 driver and/or device class must be added to the
		 kernel using If the device is no longer needed,
		 should be used to remove the special files  and
		 update the system I/O configuration files.

       The file is not associated with an IO device.

       Suppose	a  special  file is created with the command The
       command then produces:

       Suppose a special file is created with  the  command  The
       command then produces:

       Display stale device special files:

       Display	 Critical   Resource  Analysis	information  for

       was developed by HP.

       I/O system special file

       I/O system configuration database

       I/O system configuration database

       insf(1M), kcmodule(1M), mksf(1M), rmsf(1M), intro(7).


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