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makedbm(8yp)							  makedbm(8yp)

       makedbm - make a yellow pages dbm file

       makedbm	[ -i yp_input_file ] [ -o yp_output_name ] [ -d yp_domain_name
       ] [ -m yp_master_name ] infile outfile
       makedbm [ -u dbmfilename ]

       The command takes the file specified by the argument  infile  and  con‐
       verts  it  to  a	 pair  of files in format, namely and Each line of the
       input file is converted to a single record.  All characters up  to  the
       first tab or space form the key, and the rest of the line is defined as
       the key's associated data.  If a line ends with a  backslash  (\),  the
       data  for  that record is continued onto the next line.	It is left for
       the clients of the yellow pages to interpret the number sign (#);  does
       not  treat  it  as  a comment character.	 The infile parameter can be a
       hyphen (-), in which case reads the standard input.

       The command is meant to be used in  generating  files  for  the	yellow
       pages  service.	 The  command  generates  a special entry with the key
       yp_last_modified, which is the date of infile.

       -i     Create a special entry with the key yp_input_file.

       -o     Create a special entry with the key yp_output_name.

       -d     Create a special entry with the key yp_domain_name.

       -m     Create a special entry with the key yp_master_name.  If no  mas‐
	      ter  host	 name  is specified, yp_master_name will be set to the
	      local host name.

       -u     Undo a file.  That is, print out a file one entry per line, with
	      a single space separating keys from values.

       The  following  example shows how a combination of commands can be used
       to make the yellow pages files and from the file.  The percent sign (%)
       signifies the system prompt.

       % awk 'BEGIN { FS = ":"; OFS = ""; }
	{ print $1, $0 }' /etc/passwd > ptmp
       % makedbm ptmp passwd.byname
       % rm ptmp

       The command creates the file ptmp which is in a form usable by The com‐
       mand uses the ptmp file to create the yellow pages dbm  files  and  The
       command removes the ptmp file.

See Also
       yppasswd(1yp), dbm(3x), ypmake(8yp)


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