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mktemp(1)							     mktemp(1)

       mktemp - make a name for a temporary file

       mktemp [ -c ] [ -d directory_name ] [ -p prefix ]

       The  command  makes  a  name  for  the pathname of a temporary file and
       writes that name to standard output. The name will not  duplicate  that
       of  an  existing file. The command does not create a new file. The file
       named must actually be created before can generate a new filename.

       Subsequent calls to will only generate a new file name  if  all	previ‐
       ously  generated	 file  names  have  been created by the user and still
       exist.  Error messages are written to standard error.

       The directory_name generated by is the  concatenation  of  a  directory
       name,  a slash (/), a file prefix, a dot (.), a four digit number and a
       unique character.

       The directory name is chosen as follows:

	  (1)  If the -d option is specified, directory_name is used.

	  (2)  Otherwise, if the TMPDIR environment  variable  is  set	and  a
	       string that would yield a unique name can be obtained using the
	       value of that variable as a directory name, this value is used.

	  (3)  Otherwise, is used.

       The prefix is chosen as follows:

	  (1)  If the -p option is specified, prefix is used.

	  (2)  Otherwise, if the LOGNAME environment variable is  set,	it  is
	       used as the prefix.

	  (3)  Otherwise, the user's login name is used.

       -c	   Causes to attempt to create a regular file using the gener‐
		   ated (or created) name string. If file creation is success‐
		   ful,	 a zero length file is created with access permissions
		   derived from the process's file mode creation mask, see  No
		   attempt  is made to create a file if the length of the gen‐
		   erated (or created) name string exceeds 1023 characters. It
		   is the user's responsibility to remove files created by use
		   of this option.

       -d directory_name
		   Causes directory_name to be used as the  directory  portion
		   of  the  pathname.  In  this	 case,	directory_name is used
		   instead of TMPDIR and

       -p prefix   Causes the string prefix to be used as the  file's  prefix.
		   It  is used instead of LOGNAM and the user's login name. If
		   the prefix  is  longer  the	249  characters,  it  will  be
		   silently  truncated to that length before the concatenation
		   of the suffix.

Environmental Variables
       LOGNAME	   When the -p prefix option is not specified,	the  value  of
		   this	 variable is used as the prefix of the filename, if it

       TMPDIR	   When the -d directory_name option  is  not  specified,  the
		   value of this variable is used instead of

       If  the user does not have write permission in the directory specified,
       and error message is reported and is used in its place. The entire path
       name  can  not  exceed 1023 characters, and the temporary file name can
       not exceed 255 characters. If the generated file name is too long it is
       truncated to fit before the suffix is added.

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