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mountall(1M)							  mountall(1M)

       mountall, umountall - mount and unmount multiple file systems

       FStype] [file_system_table |

       is  used	 to  mount  file  systems  according to file_system_table.  By
       default, is the file_system_table.   If	a  dash	 is  specified,	 reads
       file_system_table  from	the standard input; the standard input must be
       in the same format as the

       Before each file	 system	 is  mounted,  a  check	 is  done  using  (see
       fsck(1M))  to  ensure  that  the file system is mountable.  If the file
       system is not  mountable,  it  is  repaired  by	before	the  mount  is

       causes  all  mounted file systems except the non-removable file systems
       such as to be unmounted.

       and recognize the following options:

	      Specify the file system type
			     (FStype) to be mounted or unmounted.

	      Specify action on local file systems only.

	      Specify action on remote file systems only.

	      Send a	     signal to processes that have files opened.

	      Attempt to mount all the unmounted  file	systems.  This	option
	      will not perform the file system consistency check and repair.

	      Perform  the  file  system  consistency  check and repair on all
	      unmounted file system. This option will not mount the file  sys‐

       Error  and  warning  messages  may  originate  from  or	See  fsck(1M),
       mount(1M), or fuser(1M) to interpret the error and warning messages.

       Mount all unmounted file systems listed in

       Mount all local file systems listed in

       Mount all remote file systems listed in

       Mount all local hfs file systems:

       Unmount all NFS file systems and kill any  processes  that  have	 files
       opened in the file system:

       especially  with	 the  option,  should  be  used	 with extreme caution,
       because it can cause severe damage.

       The option may not be available in future releases.

       may not be effective with some cases of LOFS file systems.

       Static information about the file systems
       Mounted file system table

       fsck(1M), mount(1M), fuser(1M), mnttab(4), fstab(4), signal(2)


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