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time(1)								       time(1)

       time - time a command


       utility [argument ...]

       When  a	specified  command  or utility completes execution, prints the
       elapsed time during the command or utility, the time spent in the  sys‐
       tem,  and  the  time spent executing the command or utility.  Times are
       reported in seconds.

       Execution time can depend on the performance of the memory in which the
       program is running.

       The times are printed to standard error.

       Note that the shell also has a keyword that times an entire pipeline if
       used anywhere in the pipeline.  This action is different than the  com‐
       mand which times a particular command if used in a pipeline.

       recognizes the following options:

	      command  The command to be executed and timed.

	      Writes the timing statistics to standard error.

	      utility  The  name of a utility to be invoked and timed.	If the
		       utility operand names any of the shell special built-in
		       utilities,  the time results are undefined.  See csh(1)
		       and ksh(1) for information about special built-in util‐

	      argument Any string that is an argument to the utility.

       csh(1), ksh(1), sh(1), timex(1), times(2).


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