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uugetty(1M)							   uugetty(1M)

       uugetty - set terminal type, modes, speed and line discipline

       timeout] line [speed [type [linedisc]]]


       The  commands,  including  are targeted for removal from HP-UX; see the

       sets terminal type, modes, speed and line discipline.  It is similar to
       except that supports using the line in both directions (see getty(1M)).
       This allows users to log in, but, if the line is free, and can dial out
       (see uucico(1), cu(1), and ct(1)).  When devices are used with and lock
       files are created.  Therefore, when the call to returns	(see  open(2))
       (or the first character is read when the option is used), the status of
       the lock files indicates whether the line is used by or someone	trying
       to log in.  See getty(1M) for more information.

       Note  that with the option, several carriage-return characters might be
       required before the login message is output.  When is trying to log in,
       it  can be instructed to enter numerous carriage-return characters with
       the following login script:

       where ... represents whatever would normally  be	 used  for  the	 login

       An entry for an intelligent modem or direct line that has a on each end
       must use the option (this causes uugetty to wait to  read  a  character
       before  it  enters  the login message, thus preventing two instances of
       from looping).  If there is a on one end of a direct line,  there  must
       be a on the other end as well.

       The  following line is an entry using on an intelligent modem or direct

       Use of commands, including is discouraged because they are targeted for
       removal from HP-UX.  Use ftp(1) or rcp(1) instead.

       does  not  work when is used with an intelligent modem such as a Penril
       or a Ventel.

       ct(1), cu(1), login(1), uucico(1M), getty(1M), init(1M), ioctl(2), get‐
       tydefs(4), inittab(4), tty(7).

       Tim O'Reilly and Grace Todino,
	      O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. USA.

       Grace Todino and Dale Dougherty,
	      O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. USA.

				TO BE OBSOLETED			   uugetty(1M)

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