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acct(5)								       acct(5)

       acct - execution accounting file

       #include <sys/acct.h>

       The  system  call  makes entries in an accounting file for each process
       that terminates.	 The accounting file is a sequence  of	entries	 whose
       layout, as defined by the include file, is:
       struct  acct
	       char    ac_comm[10];   /* Accounting command name */
	       float   ac_utime;      /* Accounting user time */
	       float   ac_stime;      /* Accounting system time */
	       float   ac_etime;      /* Accounting elapsed time */
	       time_t  ac_btime;      /* Beginning time */
	       short   ac_uid;	      /* Accounting user ID */
	       short   ac_gid;	      /* Accounting group ID */
	       float   ac_mem;	      /* average memory usage */
	       float   ac_io;	      /* number of disk IO blocks */
	       dev_t   ac_tty;	      /* control typewriter */
	       char    ac_flag;	      /* Accounting flag */

       #define AFORK   0001    /* has executed fork, but no exec */
       #define ASU     0002    /* used super-user privileges */
       #define ACOMPAT 0004    /* used compatibility mode */
       #define ACORE   0010    /* dumped core */
       #define AXSIG   0020    /* killed by a signal */

       #ifdef KERNEL
       struct  acct    acctbuf;
       struct  inode   *acctp;
       If  the process does an the first 10 characters of the file name appear
       in ac_comm.  The accounting flag contains bits indicating  whether  was
       ever  accomplished  and	whether	 the process ever had superuser priviā€

See Also
       acct(2), execve(2), sa(8)

				      VAX			       acct(5)

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