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aliases(5)							    aliases(5)

       aliases - aliases file for sendmail

       The  aliases  file is an ASCII file that describes user ID aliases that
       are used in It is formatted as a series of lines in the following form:
       name: name_1, name2, name_3, . . .
       The name is the name to alias, and the name_n are the aliases for  that
       name.  Each is separated from the next by a new line.

       Continuation  lines begin with white space.  Comment lines begin with a
       number sign (#).

       You can only assign aliases to local  names.   Loops  are  not  allowed
       because a message should be sent to a person only once.

       After  an alias has been applied, local and valid recipients who have a
       file in their home directory can have messages forwarded to the list of
       users defined in that file.

       This  is	 only  the raw data file; the actual information pertaining to
       aliases is placed into binary format in the files and using the program
       The  command  should  be	 executed  each time the aliases file changes.
       This command allows the new changes to take effect.

       Because of restrictions in a single  alias  cannot  contain  more  than
       approximately  1000  bytes  of  information.   You  can	specify longer
       aliases by chaining; that is, use a dummy name for the last name in the
       alias, which creates a continuation alias.

       The  database may be distributed in a network by a naming service, such
       as Yellow Pages or BIND/Hesiod.	See the Guide to Yellow Pages  or  the
       chapter on Hesiod in the Guide to BIND for setup information.

See Also
       newaliases(1), dbm(3x), sendmail(8)
       "SENDMAIL Installation and Operation Guide", ULTRIX Supplementary Docu‐
       ments, Vol. III: System Manager
       Guide to the BIND/Hesiod Service
       Guide to the Yellow Pages Service


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