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BIO(4)			  OpenBSD Programmer's Manual			BIO(4)

     bio - block I/O ioctl tunnel pseudo-device

     pseudo-device bio [count]

     The bio driver provides userland applications ioctl(2) access to devices
     otherwise not found as /dev nodes.	 The /dev/bio device node operates by
     delegating ioctl calls to a requested device driver.  Only drivers which
     have registered with the bio device can be accessed via this interface.

     If count is given in the specification, and is greater than 0, a maximum
     of one bio device is created.

     The following device drivers register with bio for volume management:

	   ami(4)	  American Megatrends Inc. MegaRAID PATA/SATA/SCSI
			  RAID controller
	   arc(4)	  Areca Technology Corporation SAS/SATA RAID
	   cac(4)	  Compaq Smart ARRAY 2/3/4 SCSI RAID controller
	   ciss(4)	  Compaq Smart ARRAY 5/6 SAS/SATA/SCSI RAID controller
	   ips(4)	  IBM SATA/SCSI ServeRAID controller
	   mfi(4)	  LSI Logic & Dell MegaRAID SAS RAID controller
	   mpi(4)	  LSI Logic Fusion-MPT Message Passing Interface
	   mpii(4)	  LSI Logic Fusion-MPT Message Passing Interface II
	   softraid(4)	  Software RAID

     The following device drivers register with bio to provide enclosure

	   safte(4)    SCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosure
	   ses(4)      SCSI Enclosure Services

     The following ioctl calls apply to the bio device:

     BIOCLOCATE	       Locate a named device and give back a cookie to the
		       application for subsequent ioctl calls.	The cookie is
		       used to tunnel further ioctls to the right device.

     BIOCINQ	       Retrieve number of volumes and physical disks for a
		       specific device.

     BIOCDISK	       Retrieve detailed information for the specified
		       physical disk.  Information returned can include
		       status, size, channel, target, lun, vendor name, serial
		       number and processor device (ses or safte).

     BIOCVOL	       Retrieve detailed information for the specified volume.
		       Information returned can include status, size, RAID
		       level, number of disks, device name association (sd?)
		       and vendor name.

     BIOCALARM	       Control the alarm beeper on the device.	Supported
		       states are: disable alarm, enable alarm, silence alarm,
		       status and test alarm.

		       Note:  These options might not be supported on all

     BIOCBLINK	       Blink an LED of the specified physical disk.  Supported
		       blink states are: blink LED, unblink LED and blink
		       alarm LED.

		       Note:  This option is only supported if the disk is
		       governed by ses(4) or safte(4) and the hardware
		       supports hardware blinking.

     BIOCSETSTATE      Alter the state of specified physical disk.  Supported
		       states are: create hot-spare, online disk and offline

     The following ioctl calls apply to the bio device only when talking to a
     softraid(4) device:

     BIOCCREATERAID  Create a new volume or assemble an existing volume.  The
		     volume will be attached as a system disk, if this
		     capability is supported by the volume discipline.

     BIOCDELETERAID  Remove system disk (if present) and disassemble the
		     softraid(4) volume.

     BIOCDISCIPLINE  Dispatch a discipline specific ioctl.

     /dev/bio  ioctl tunnel device

     ioctl(2), softraid(4), bioctl(8)

     The bio driver first appeared in OpenBSD 3.2.

     The bio driver was written by Niklas Hallqvist <>.  The
     API was written by Marco Peereboom <>.

OpenBSD 4.9			August 23, 2010			   OpenBSD 4.9

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