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cty(4)									cty(4)

       cty - extra serial line interface

       The  extra serial lines are available to the processor through the con‐
       sole registers. These lines are available on the VAX 8100, 8200,	 8300,
       8500,  8550,  8600,  8650, 8700, and 8800 machines and number three all
       total.  They act like normal terminal lines, except for	the  VAX  8600
       (8650),	where the first line can also act as a remote console port and
       the other two lines are	currently  unused.  Entries  for  these	 lines
       should be placed in if they are used.

       There are also certain workstation configurations that may use the con‐
       sole serial interface.  For MicroVAX workstation configurations,	 call‐
       ing  with the argument ttycp will create the device special file needed
       to utilize the console interface.  Before using the serial line	inter‐
       face, it is important to consider the setting of the halt enable switch
       on a MicroVAX workstation.

       In general, the lines are low-performance devices.  They can be used as
       terminal	 ports,	 but,  for each character sent or received, the CPU is
       interrupted. Thus, it is recommended that the  extra  serial  lines  be
       used  at	 low baud rates (2400 baud or less), so that console input and
       output do not severely impact system performance.

See Also
       console(4), tty(4), MAKEDEV(8)

				      VAX				cty(4)

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