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dspcat(1)							     dspcat(1)

       dspcat - display all or part of a message catalog

       catalog_name [set_number [message_number]]

       The  command  displays  a  particular message, all of the messages in a
       set, or all of the messages in a catalog.

       If you include all three command operands, displays a  particular  mes‐
       sage.   If  you	do not include message_number, all the messages in the
       specified set are displayed.  If you specify only catalog_name, all the
       messages	 in  the  catalog  are	displayed.   If	 you specify either an
       invalid message_number or invalid set_number, an error message is  dis‐
       played.	You must include set_number if you include message_number.

       The command recognizes the following option:

	      Formats the output so that it can be used as input to the
			     command.  You cannot use the message_number oper‐
			     and with the option.

       The command recognizes the following operands:

	      catalog_name   Specifies a file containing  a  message  catalog.
			     If	 the  file  is	not  in the set of directories
			     specified by the environment  variable,  searches
			     for  it  in  the  current	directory.   (For more
			     information about see environ(5).)

	      set_number     Specifies a set in the catalog.

	      message_number Specifies a particular number  in	the  specified

   Environment Variables
       provides	 a  default  value for the internationalization variables that
       are unset or null.  If is unset or null, it defaults to (see lang(5)).

       when set to a non-empty string value, overrides the values of all other
       internationalization variables.

       determines the language in which messages are displayed.

       determines the path to be used for searching the specified message cat‐
       alog file.  It affects how the internationalization variables are  used
       in locating the desired message catalog.

       To display message number 2 in set number 1 of test.cat, enter:

       The command was developed by OSF and HP.

       dspmsg(1),    gencat(1),	  mkcatdefs(1),	  catclose(3C),	  catgets(3C),


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