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fc(4)									 fc(4)

       fc - VAXstation serial line interface

       device fc0 at ibus?  flags 0x0f vector fcxrint

       This serial line interface is similar to the DZQ11 four-line communica‐
       tions multiplexer.  An interface provides four communication ports with
       partial	modem control on port 2, adequate for dialup use.  Only port 2
       supports modem control (dialup access), all other ports must  be	 oper‐
       ated  as local lines.  Each line attached to the serial line controller
       behaves as described in and may be set to run at any of 16 speeds.  For
       the  encoding,  see  However,  configuration requirements dictate fixed
       speed operation of ports connected to the console terminal and graphics

       The ports are configured as follows:

       Port	 Usage
       0	 Graphics device keyboard at 9600 BPS
       1	 Mouse or tablet at 4800 BPS
       2	 Communications (with modem control)/local terminal
       3	 Serial printer port at 9600 BPS

       A  diagnostic  console  terminal	 may be connected to port 3.  When the
       diagnostic console is in use, the processor may be halted  by  pressing
       the  BREAK  key.	 The selection of which port to use for the console is
       made during the processor's power on sequence  and  cannot  be  changed
       after  power  on.  If the Low End Graphics Subsystem (LEGSS) console is
       present, it will be used; otherwise the device connected to port 3 will
       be the console.

       For  the device, the flags should always be specified as ``flags 0x0f''
       (all 4 lines hardwired).	 The state of port 2  may  be  established  by
       specifying either modem or nomodem as part of the file entry for tty02;
       see The default state of port 2 may be controlled by flags bit 2.   Set
       ``flags	0x0f''	for a hardwired line, ``flags 0x0b'' for dialup opera‐
       tion (wait for carrier).

       The driver operates in interrupt-per-character mode (all pending	 char‐
       acters  are  flushed from the silo on each interrupt).  Silo alarm mode
       is used by the DZQ11 driver at times of high input  character  traffic.
       This  mode is not used by the driver, due to the need to track mouse or
       tablet position changes in real time.

       Speed must be set to 9600 BPS on the console port, 9600 BPS on the key‐
       board  port,  and  4800	BPS on the mouse port.	The fc driver enforces
       this restriction; that is, changing speeds with the  stty  command  may
       not always work on these ports.

       fc0: input silo overflow
       The  64-character  input	 silo  overflowed before it could be serviced.
       This can happen if a hard error occurs when the	CPU  is	 running  with
       elevated	 priority, as the system will then print a message on the con‐
       sole with interrupts disabled.

       /dev/console   console terminal or graphics device
       /dev/tty00     not used
       /dev/tty01     local terminal - multiuser configuration only
       /dev/tty02     dialup or local terminal
       /dev/tty03     printer port or local terminal
       /dev/mouse     mouse or tablet - workstation configuration only
       /dev/fcscreen  console message window for workstations

See Also
       console(4), devio(4), tty(4), ttys(5), MAKEDEV(8)

				      VAX				 fc(4)

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