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finger(1)							     finger(1)

       finger - print user finger information

       finger [options] [name...]

       By  default,  lists  the login name, full name, terminal name and write
       status, idle time, login time, and office location and phone number for
       each  current ULTRIX user.  Terminal write status is noted as an aster‐
       isk (*) before the terminal name if write permission is	denied.	  Idle
       time  is	 given in minutes if the listing shows a single integer, hours
       and minutes if a colon (:) is present, or days and  hours  if  a	 d  is

       A  longer format also exists and is used by whenever a list of people's
       names is given.	(Account names as well as  first  and  last  names  of
       users  are  accepted.)  This format is multi-line, and includes all the
       information described above as well as the user's  home	directory  and
       login  shell.   Additionally,  it displays the information contained in
       the files .plan and .project, both of which are located in  the	user's
       home  directory.	  If no list is given, all the people currently logged
       in are shown.

       The command may be used to look up users on a remote machine.  The for‐
       mat is to specify the user as user@host.	 If the user name is left off,
       the standard format listing is provided on the remote machine.

       -b   Displays a briefer long form list of users.

       -f   Disables printing of headers for short and quick outputs.

       -h   Suppresses printing of the .project file.

       -i   Displays list of users with idle times.

       -l   Displays output in long format.

       -m   Matches arguments only on user name.

       -p   Suppresses printing of the .plan file.

       -q   Displays list of users.

       -s   Displays output in short format.

       -w   Displays narrow short format of specified users.

       Only the first line of the .project file is printed.

       The user's or file cannot be a link to  another	file.	If  either  of
       these files is something other than a regular file, it will be ignored.

       Who file

       User information

       Last login times



See Also
       chfn(1), w(1), who(1), fingerd(8c)


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