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getauth(8)							    getauth(8)

       getauth, setauth, rmauth - auth database maintenance

       getauth [username]


       rmauth username

       The  command takes as it's only argument a user name or UID.  If a user
       name is supplied it is converted to a UID by searching through The  UID
       is  then	 used to look up the users entry in the database.  If an entry
       is found it is converted to an ASCII string with	 a  syntax  resembling
       that  of the passwd file and printed out as a single line.  If no entry
       is found nothing is printed and an exit status of `1' is returned.
       # getauth username
       The first field is the UID of the entry which is used as the  key  into
       the database.  Then follows: the encrypted password, password modifica‐
       tion  time,  minimum  password  lifetime,  maximum  password  lifetime,
       account mask, login failure count, audit ID, audit control, audit mask,
       and a reserved field.

       If the optional username argument is not supplied to  getauth  it  will
       produce an output line for every entry in the auth database.

       The  command  expects  one  or more lines from the standard input which
       must be of a form identical to that produced by the command.  The  com‐
       mand  converts  and stores these lines into the database, one entry per
       line, replacing any entry already existing for the given UID.  By  pip‐
       ing  the	 output of the command into the input of the command an expen‐
       sive NOP can be produced:
       # /usr/etc/sec/getauth | /usr/etc/sec/setauth

       The command expects exactly one argument, the user name or  UID	of  an
       auth  entry  to	be  deleted.   If  the entry is found it is erased and
       deleted.	 If it is not found no action is taken and an exit status of 1
       is returned.

       Only  the  superuser and members of the group may read information from
       the auth database.  Only the superuser may modify the auth database.

       An exit value of 0 indicates a successful operation. An exit status  of
       1  indicates the entry was not found on a lookup or deletion operation.
       Any other exit status indicates an error.

See Also
       getauthuid(3), getpwent(3), auth(5), edauth(8)
       Security Guide for Administrators


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