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lprsetup(8)							   lprsetup(8)

       lprsetup - printer spooler set up program


       The  command  provides an interactive easy-to-use facility for adminis‐
       trating the line printers on your system.  The program contains on-line
       help and default answers to questions about adding, deleting, or chang‐
       ing the characteristics of any of the line  printers  on	 your  system.
       Whenever	 a  question  is  asked, the default selection is given in ] .
       You can press Return in response to the question to accept the default,
       or enter an alternate value for the given parameter.

       The  program  knows about all of the possible symbols in the file.  See
       for a current list.  After you have entered  a  printer	specification,
       and  have verified that it is correct, then creates the spooling direc‐
       tory, links the output  filter,	and  creates  an  entry	 for  the  new

       If  the	printer	 is  connected	to  your  system, you must specify the
       printer device name which is in the lp printcap entry.

       If lp is set to nn you are  prompted  to	 choose	 between  or  If  your
       printer	is connected to a port on your system, choose the default set‐
       ting, If you choose you are  prompted  for  the	baud  rate,  br.   The
       default is the recommended baud rate for the printer.

       If  you	want  to set up your printer to a LAT line, choose the option.
       At this point, proceeds only if you have chosen a valid LAT device  for
       lp.  It assumes that the LAT device has been configured for host initi‐
       ated connections using If it has not, you must do this before the queue
       works.	For  information about how to set up a LAT line, see Chapter 3
       of the Guide to Ethernet Communications Servers.

       If lp is set to another device, for example the	program	 assumes  that
       you are setting up a printer with a parallel port, for example, It does
       not prompt you for device type information, and	serial	port  specific
       entries are not put into the entry.

See Also
       printcap(5), lpc(8), MAKEDEV(8)
       Guide to Ethernet Communications Servers
       Guide to System Environment Setup


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