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mailsetup(8)							  mailsetup(8)

       mailsetup - Configures the host's mail system

       /usr/etc/mailsetup [ -f	file ]

       -f   file  Specifies  the name you want for the resulting configuration

       The command sets up the mail system on your host. You can use this com‐
       mand to do a quick setup where defaults are used or to do a more exten‐
       sive setup.

       Before you run your machine needs a local domain name and it should  be
       established on a local area network (LAN).  If you have not run you are
       asked for the BIND domain name for your	local  area  network.	For  a
       quick  setup, the only additional information you need to supply is the
       name of the mail relay you are using and	 which	users  are  considered
       local.	On  the more extensive setup you also are asked for UUCP, DEC‐
       net, and UMC configuration information, aliases for your machine, local
       address formats and other domain information.

       You  must run the command as superuser and with the system in multiuser

       When you run a menu is displayed giving you a choice of responses.  You
       are then prompted for further information.

       If you do not use the -f option, before exits, it asks whether you want
       to restart your mail with this new configuration.  If  you  answer  no,
       the  utility  saves  your configuration file in and aborts the install.
       If you answer yes, and no file by this name exists, your file is put in
       If  a  file does exist, is moved to where is the version number (0 to 6
       where 0 is the most recent).  The new configuration file is then	 moved
       to and is restarted.

       If you use the -f option, the configuration file is saved with the file
       name specified and is not restarted.

       The script produces the following three files in

       You can fine tune your configuration by first modifying the file	 Next,
       issue the following command:
       make -f .

       This  command  produces	a  file.   You	can  then copy the file to and

       Specifies the
		 configuration file.

       Specifies the mail setup	 product  description  for  the	 configuration

       Specifies the backup configuration files.

       Specifies the Original configuration file.

       Specifies the configuration file produced by

       Specifies the user configurable file produced by

       Specifies the
		 file produced by and used to make a file from the and files.

See Also
       sendmail(8), bindsetup(8), netsetup(8), m4(1)


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