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doconfig(8)							   doconfig(8)

       doconfig - a program to aid system configuration

       /etc/doconfig [-c config_file] [-e ed_script]

       The  shell script uses the program to help the user generate a configu‐
       ration file for a new ULTRIX system kernel.   The  script  prompts  the
       user for a system name and if the name does not already exist, builds a
       system configuration file with that system name.

       Whether the configuration file is built or not, the  script  then  puts
       the user into an edit-configure-build loop until both the configuration
       and the kernel build run without errors.	 Additional  runs  of  can  be
       made to tune the configuration further.

       When  new  hardware is added to a system, the configuration file should
       be updated to reflect the new system configuration.  When  updating  an
       existing	 configuration	file or creating a new configuration file with
       the system must be operating the generic kernel, or  new	 hardware  may
       not  be	found.	The following steps should be used for successful com‐
       pletion of

       1.   Save the running as

       2.   Move to

       3.   Reboot the system to single user mode.

       4.   Check file systems.

       5.   Mount the file system.

       6.   Run the program.  (When execution is complete, make a note of  the
	    message prints showing the path and location of the new

       7.   Move to

       8.   Copy the new (from the message noted above) to

       9.   Reboot the system.

       -c     The  name	 of the existing configuration file should be supplied
	      without specifying the pathname.	This file should exist in  the
	      directory.   A new kernel will be built using the specified con‐
	      figuration file.

       -e     When specified, the configuration file will be edited using  the
	      script before building the new kernel.

See Also
       ed(1), config(8), sizer(8)
       Basic Installation Guide
       Guide to System Configuration File Maintenance

				      VAX			   doconfig(8)

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