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dvr_msg(5)							    dvr_msg(5)

       dvr_msg - CDA Viewer messages

       CDA  Viewer  messages may be reported while you are viewing a CDA docu‐
       ment. These messages refer to conditions	 that  range  from  successful
       completion  of  the operation to termination of processing because of a
       serious error. The CDA Viewer can also return one or more CDA  run-time

       When  viewing a CDA document on a workstation, select Diagnostic Infor‐
       mation... from the File pull-down menu in the CDA Viewer window to dis‐
       play  messages.	When viewing a CDA document on a character-cell termi‐
       nal, CDA Viewer and run-time messages appear on your screen by default.

       CDA Viewer messages consist of a message number and message text.

       The following section lists the CDA Viewer messages. A  brief  explana‐
       tion  and  recommended  user action follows each message, unless a user
       action is not required. The messages are listed in alphabetical	order,
       by message name.

CDA Viewer Messages
       56328576, NODPSEXT, server does not have the PostScript extension
       Level: Severe
       Explanation:  Attempt  to  view	a PostScript file on an X display that
       does not contain the  Display  PostScript  Extension.  The  CDA	Viewer
       requires	 a  server  with  the  Display PostScript Extension to display
       PostScript files.  Note that this status applies only to viewing	 Post‐
       Script  files.	User Action: Set the display to a server with the Dis‐
       play PostScript Extension and retry the operation.

       56328584, NOPAGE, document contains no pages
       Level: Severe
       Explanation: The document does not contain any  displayable  pages.   A
       blank window will appear in the CDA Viewer.
       User  Action: Check the content of the DDIF document using the Analysis
       back end or the application that created the file.

       56328706, DRMCTXFAIL, DVR could not create application context,	abort‐
       level: Error
       Explanation:  An	 attempt  to  create the application context using the
       Resource Manager failed. The viewer will terminate.
       User Action: Error probably caused by insufficient memory. Reduce  sys‐
       tem load and try again.

See Also
       dxvdoc(1X),  vdoc(1),  CDA(5),  cda_msg(5),  DDIF(5), DDIS(5), DOTS(5),


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