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CDA(5)									CDA(5)

       CDA - Compound Document Architecture

       Digital's  CDA(TM)  architecture is an enabling technology for the cre‐
       ation and storage of compound documents and tabular  data  encompassing
       multiple interchange formats, services, and applications.

       The CDA architecture defines two document formats and a mail syntax for
       the sharing and transport of revisable compound	document  and  tabular
       file formats:

       ·    DDIF(TM)  (Digital Document Interchange Format) is the interchange
	    and application file  format  for  compound	 documents  containing
	    text, graphics, images, and audio.

       ·    DTIF(TM) (Digital Table Interchange Format) is the interchange and
	    application file format for tabular data, such as spreadsheets and
	    multi-dimensional tables.

       ·    DOTS (Data Object Transport Syntax) is a transparent interface for
	    the transfer of compound documents with external links to multiple
	    subfiles via mail systems.

       DDIF,  DTIF,  and DOTS are based on DDIS (Digital Data Interchange Syn‐
       tax), an ASN.1 syntax that conforms to the specifications  of  Interna‐
       tional Standards Organization Abstract Syntax Notation One (ISO ASN.1).

       DEC  CDA Run-Time Services provides the facilities for CDA applications
       to create, store, interchange, and display CDA-supported compound docu‐
       ment  and  tabular  file formats. The run-time environment includes the

       ·    A library of callable routines used	 by  applications  capable  of
	    reading and writing DDIF (Digital Document Interchange Format) and
	    DTIF (Digital Table Interchange Format)  files  and	 invoking  CDA

       ·    A command line interface to display and convert revisable compound
	    document and tabular files from one format to  another  using  the
	    run-time converters.

       ·    A  windows-based  CDA  Viewer,  provides the option to display CDA
	    documents on DEC OSF/1 systems  which  have	 installed  DECwindows
	    Motif.  For more information, see

       DEC CDA Run-Time Services are available in the ULTCDABASE and the UDTC‐
       DAPGMR subsets.

       For more information on converting files, refer	to  manpages  for  the
       cdoc command, cda_msg, and run-time converters: ddifanls, ddifps, ddif‐
       text, dtifddif, dtifanls, and textddif.

       For more information on viewing files, refer to manpages for  the  vdoc
       and dxvdoc commands, dvr_msg, and cda_msg.

       Network	services  such	as DECwindows Motif mail, DECnet(TM), the File
       Transfer Protocol, DEC(TM) MAILworks(TM),  PATHWORKS(TM),  and  ACA(TM)
       LiveLinks(TM) support transfer of CDA documents among key NAS(TM) plat‐
       forms: VMS(TM) and ULTRIX(TM) DECwindows(TM) Motif(R),  Sun(TM)	SPARC‐
       stations(TM),  DEC  OSF/1(R),  MS-DOS(R)	 Microsoft(R) Windows(TM), and
       OS/2(TM). For more information, refer to manpages for DOTS and the dtoc
       and ctod commands.

       There  are a number of Digital and third-party CDA-capable applications
       currently available on DEC OSF/1 DECwindows Motif and other  platforms.
       See your Digital sales representative for further information.

       Sun and SPARCstation are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

       Motif  and OSF/1 are registered trademarks of Open Software Foundation,

       MS-DOS and Microsoft are registered trademarks  of  Microsoft  Corpora‐

       Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

       ACA,   CDA,   DDIF,  DEC	 MAILworks,  DEC,  DECnet,  DECwindows,	 DTIF,
       LiveLinks, NAS, PATHWORKS, ULTRIX, VMS, and the Digital logo are trade‐
       marks of Digital Equipment Corporation.

       OS/2 is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

See Also
       cdoc(1),	 ctod(1),  ddifanls(1),	 ddifps(1),  ddiftext(1), dtifanls(1),
       dtifddif(1), dtoc(1),  dxvdoc(1X),  textddif(1),	 vdoc(1),  cda_msg(5),
       DDIF(5), DDIS(5), DOTS(5), DTIF(5), dvr_msg(5)


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