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load(8)								       load(8)

       load - down-line load software to a target node

       /etc/load [ node ]

       The  command  loads  software to an unattended target node.  The target
       node is loaded by the host that executes the command.

       The command requires the identification of  the	service	 circuit  over
       which  the load is performed, the Ethernet hardware address of the tar‐
       get node, and the service password needed to gain access to the target.
       This information is included in the nodes database entry for the target
       node.  A node entry is defined with the command.	 For further  informa‐
       tion,  see  The node is the name or address of the target node.	A node
       name consists of from one to six alphanumeric characters.   For	single
       networks,  a  node address consists of a decimal integer (1-1023).  For
       multiple networks, a node  address  consist  of	two  decimal  integers
       (n.n),  where  the  first  indicates the network number (1-63), and the
       second indicates the node address (1-1023).

       -p   Uses the  specified	 service  and  password	 (next	arguments)  in
	    accessing  the  target node.  You can omit a target node's service
	    and password from the nodes database for security reasons, but you
	    must  then specify the service and password in the command line by
	    using the option.

       # /etc/load bangor -p 130fe
       This command causes node to be loaded by the ULTRIX host node executing
       the  command.   The  ULTRIX  host  uses the load files specified in the
       nodes database entry for node to perform the load.

See Also
       addnode(8), ccr(8), getnode(8), mop_mom(8), remnode(8), trigger(8)
       Guide to Local Area Transport Servers


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