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intro(3int)							   intro(3int)

       intro - introduction to international subroutines

       The  internationalization package provides a convenient method of writ‐
       ing or converting applications so that they can operate in the applica‐
       tion user's natural language.

       The package consists of the following:

       ·      Tools for the creation and modification of message catalogs

       ·      An international function library, which is called libi

       ·      A	 set  of  international	 functions available in the C library,

       ·      An international compiler that creates  language	support	 data‐
	      bases from special source files

       ·      An announcement and initialization mechanism

       ·      A	 utility for converting data from one codeset to another code‐

       When you use international library functions in a C program, compile it
       with the option to include libi, as shown:
       % cc -o prog prog.c -li
       Some  of	 the  international  functions are available in the standard C
       library.	 You need not compile with the option if you  use  only	 those
       functions.   The functions that are available in the standard C library
       are and

		     Internationalization Library Calls
       catgetmsg     get message from a message	 catalog  (provided  for  XPG-2
       catgets	     read a program message
       catopen	     open or close a message catalog
       nl_init	     set  localization	for internationalized program (provided
		     for XPG-2 compatibility)
       nl_langinfo   language information
       nl_printf     print formatted output (provided for XPG-2 compatibility)
       nl_scanf	     convert formatted input (provided for XPG-2 compatibility)
       printf	     print formatted output
       scanf	     convert formatted input
       vprintf	     print formatted output of varargs argument list
		     Standard C Library Calls
       setlocale     set localization for internationalized program
       strftime	     convert time and date to string
       strxfrm	     string transformation
       strcoll	     string collation comparison

   Header Files
       i_defs.h	    contains language support database structure
       i_errno.h    contains error numbers and messages
       langinfo.h   contains the langinfo  definitions	for  the
		    locale database
       locale.h	    contains  the  declarations used by the ANSI
		    setlocale and localeconv functions

       nl_types.h   contains the definitions for all the  inter‐
		    nationalization (libi) functions

See Also
       iconv(1),   extract(1int),  gencat(1int),  ic(1int),  strextract(1int),
       strmerge(1int), trans(1int), ctype(3), setlocale(3), strcoll(3),	 strf‐
       time(3),	 strxfrm(3),  catgets(3int), catopen(3int), nl_langinfo(3int),
       printf(3int), scanf(3int),  vprintf(3int),  environ(5int),  lang(5int),
       nl_types(5int), patterns(5int)
       Guide to Developing International Software


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