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0intro(1)           - introduction to Plan 9
0intro(2)           - introduction to library functions
0intro(3)           - introduction to the Plan 9 devices
0intro(4)           - introduction to file servers
0intro(5)           - introduction to the Plan 9 File Protocol, 9P
0intro(6)           - introduction to file formats
0intro(7)           - introduction to databases
0intro(8)           - introduction to system administration
6in4(8)             - 6to4 tunnel of IPv6 through IPv4
8a(1)               - assemblers
8c(1)               - C compilers
8l(1)               - loaders
9boot(8)            - PC bootstrap programs
9p(2)               - 9P file service
9pcmdbuf(2)         - control message parsing
9pcon(8)            - 9P to text translator
9pfid(2)            - 9P fid, request tracking
9pfile(2)           - in-memory file hierarchy
aan(8)              - always available network
abaco(1)            - browse the World-Wide Web
abort(2)            - generate a fault
abs(2)              - integer absolute values
access(2)           - determine accessibility of file
acid(1)             - debugger
acme(1)             - interactive text windows
acme(4)             - control files for text windows
addpt(2)            - arithmetic on points and rectangles
aes(2)              - advanced encryption standard(rijndael)
aliasmail(8)        - expand system wide mail aliases
allocimage(2)       - allocating, freeing, reading, writing images
aoe(3)              - ATA-over-Ethernet(AoE) interface
a.out(6)            - object file format
ap(1)               - fetch Associated Press news articles
apm(3)              - Advanced Power Management 1.2 BIOS interface
apm(8)              - Advanced Power Management 1.2 BIOS interface
aquarela(8)         - CIFS server
ar(1)               - archive and library maintainer
ar(6)               - archive(library) file format
arch(3)             - architecture-specific information and control
archfs(4)           - mount mkfs-style archive
arg(2)              - process option letters from argv
arith3(2)           - operations on 3-d points and planes
ascii(1)            - interpret ASCII, Unicode characters
assert(2)           - check program invariants
astro(7)            - print astronomical information
atof(2)             - convert text to numbers
attach(5)           - messages to establish a connection
audio(3)            - SoundBlaster or ESS1688 audio controller
auth(2)             - routines for authenticating users
auth(8)             - maintain or query authentication databases
authsrv(2)          - routines for communicating with authentication servers
authsrv(6)          - authentication protocols
avl(2)              - AVL tree routines
awk(1)              - pattern-directed scanning and processing language
backup(8)           - backup venti arenas to blu-ray discs or restore from them
basename(1)         - strip file name affixes
bc(1)               - arbitrary-precision arithmetic language
bin(2)              - grouped memory allocation
bind(1)             - change name space
bind(2)             - change name space
bio(2)              - buffered input/output
blowfish(2)         - blowfish encryption
boot(8)             - connect to the root file server
booting(8)          - bootstrapping procedures
bridge(3)           - Ethernet bridge and IPv4 tunnel
brk(2)              - change memory allocation
bsplit(1)           - split binary data into fixed-size chunks
bundle(1)           - collect files for distribution
cachechars(2)       - font utilities
cal(1)              - print calendar
calendar(1)         - print upcoming events
calls(1)            - print static call graph of a C program
cap(3)              - capabilities for setting the user id of processes
cat(1)              - catenate files
cb(1)               - C program beautifier
cdfs(4)             - optical disc (CD, DVD, BD) track reader and writer fil...
cec(8)              - Coraid Ethernet Console
cfs(4)              - cache file system
chdir(2)            - change working directory
chgrp(1)            - change file group
chmod(1)            - change mode
cifs(4)             - Microsoft™ Windows network filesystem client
cleanname(1)        - clean a path name
cleanname(2)        - clean a path name
clunk(5)            - forget about a fid
cmp(1)              - compare two files
col(1)              - column alignment
color(2)            - colors and color maps
color(6)            - representation of pixels and colors
colors(1)           - display color map
comm(1)             - select or reject lines common to two sorted files
complete(2)         - file name completion
con(1)              - remote login, execution, and XMODEM file transfer
cons(3)             - console, clocks, process/process group ids, user, null...
consolefs(4)        - file system for console access
control(2)          - interactive graphical controls
cp(1)               - copy, move files
cpp(1)              - C language preprocessor
cpu(1)              - connection to CPU server
cpurc(8)            - boot scripts
cputime(2)          - cpu time in this process and children
cron(8)             - clock daemon
crop(1)             - frame, crop, and convert image
ctime(2)            - convert date and time
ctype(2)            - ASCII character classification
cwfs(4)             - cached-worm file server, dump
date(1)             - date and time
db(1)               - debugger
dc(1)               - desk calculator
dd(1)               - convert and copy a file
debugger(2)         - machine-independent debugger functions
delkey(1)           - delete keys from factotum
deroff(1)           - remove formatting requests
des(2)              - single and triple digital encryption standard
dhcpd(8)            - Internet booting
dial(2)             - make and break network connections
dict(7)             - dictionary browser
diff(1)             - differential file comparator
dirread(2)          - read directory
disk(2)             - generic disk device interface
diskparts(8)        - prepare disks for use
disksim(8)          - disk simulator
doc2txt(1)          - extract printable text from Microsoft documents
doctype(1)          - intuit command line for formatting a document
dossrv(4)           - DOS and ISO9660 file systems
draw(2)             - graphics functions
draw(3)             - screen graphics
drawterm(8)         - connect to Plan 9 CPU servers from other operating sys...
dsa(2)              - digital signature algorithm
dsa(8)              - generate and format dsa keys
du(1)               - disk usage
dup(2)              - duplicate an open file descriptor
dup(3)              - dups of open files
echo(1)             - print arguments
ecp(1)              - fast copy, handling errors
ed(1)               - text editor
elgamal(2)          - elgamal encryption
emacs(1)            - editor macros
encode(2)           - encoding byte arrays as strings
encrypt(2)          - DES encryption
env(3)              - environment variables
eqn(1)              - typeset mathematics
error(5)            - return an error
errstr(2)           - description of last system call error
ether(3)            - Ethernet device
event(2)            - graphics events
exec(2)             - execute a file
execnet(4)          - network interface to program execution
exits(2)            - terminate process, process cleanup
exp(2)              - exponential, logarithm, power, square root
expect(1)           - dialer scripting tools
exportfs(4)         - network file server plumbing
ext2srv(4)          - ext2 file system
face(6)             - face files
faces(1)            - mailbox interface
factor(1)           - factor a number, generate large primes
factotum(4)         - authentication agent
fauth(2)            - set up authentication on a file descriptor to a file s...
fcall(2)            - interface to Plan 9 File protocol
fd2path(2)          - return file name associated with file descriptor
fedex(1)            - track shipments
fgetc(2)            - Stdio input and output
file(1)             - determine file type
filter(1)           - filtering mail
flash(3)            - flash memory
flashfs(4)          - journalling file system for flash memory
flate(2)            - deflate compression
floor(2)            - absolute value, remainder, floor, ceiling functions
floppy(3)           - floppy diskette interface
flush(5)            - abort a message
fmt(1)              - simple text formatters
fmtinstall(2)       - support for user-defined print formats and output rout...
font(6)             - external format for fonts and subfonts
fopen(2)            - standard buffered input/output package
fork(2)             - manipulate process resources
fortune(1)          - sample lines from a file
fossil(4)           - archival file server
fossilcons(8)       - fossil console commands
fprintf(2)          - print formatted output
frame(2)            - frames of text
freq(1)             - print histogram of character frequencies
frexp(2)            - split into mantissa and exponent
fs(3)               - file system devices
fs(4)               - file server, dump
fs(8)               - file server maintenance
fscanf(2)           - scan formatted input
fsconfig(8)         - configuring a file server
fshalt(8)           - halt any local file systems and optionally reboot the ...
ftpfs(4)            - file transfer protocol(FTP) file system
fversion(2)         - initialize 9P connection and negotiate version
games(1)            - time wasters
getcallerpc(2)      - fetch return PC of current function
getenv(2)           - access environment variables
getfcr(2)           - control floating point
getfields(2)        - break a string into fields
getflags(8)         - command-line parsing for shell scripts
getpid(2)           - get process ids
getuser(2)          - get user or system name
getwd(2)            - get current directory
gpsfs(8)            - GPS time and position service
grap(1)             - pic preprocessor for drawing graphs
graph(1)            - draw a graph
graphics(2)         - interactive graphics
grep(1)             - search a file for a pattern
gs(1)               - Aladdin Ghostscript (PostScript and PDF language inter...
gview(1)            - interactive graph viewer
gzip(1)             - compress and expand data
hget(1)             - retrieve a web page corresponding to a url
histogram(8)        - draw a histogram
history(1)          - print file names from the dump
hoc(1)              - interactive floating point language
html(2)             - HTML parser
htmlroff(1)         - HTML formatting and typesetting
htmlroff(6)         - HTML formatting and typesetting
httpd(2)            - routines for creating an http server
httpd(8)            - HTTP server
httpfile(4)         - serve a single web file
hypot(2)            - Euclidean distance
i82365(3)           - Personal Computer Memory Card Interface Association (P...
idiff(1)            - interactive diff
image(6)            - external format for images
import(4)           - import a name space from a remote system
init(8)             - initialize machine upon booting
intmap(2)           - integer to data structure maps
ioproc(2)           - slave I/O processes for threaded programs
iostats(4)          - file system to measure I/O
iounit(2)           - return size of atomic I/O unit for file descriptor
ip(2)               - Internet Protocol addressing
ip(3)               - network protocols over IP
ipconfig(8)         - Internet configuration and routing
ipserv(8)           - Internet remote access daemons
isalpharune(2)      - Unicode character classes and cases
join(1)             - relational database operator
jpg(1)              - view and convert pictures
juke(7)             - music jukebox
kbin(3)             - external keyboard input
kbmap(1)            - show a list of available keyboard maps and switch betw...
kbmap(3)            - keyboard map
keyboard(2)         - keyboard control
keyboard(6)         - how to type characters
keyfs(4)            - authentication database files
keys.who(6)         - biographic information for key holders
kfs(4)              - disk file system
kfscmd(8)           - kfs administration
kill(1)             - print commands to kill processes
kprof(3)            - kernel profiling
ktrace(1)           - interpret kernel stack dumps
leak(1)             - help find memory leaks
lens(1)             - interactive screen magnifier
lex(1)              - generator of lexical analysis programs
listen(8)           - listen for calls on a network device
lnfs(4)             - long name file system
loadfossil(8)       - populate a fossil filesystem
lock(1)             - run a command under lock
lock(2)             - spin locks, queueing rendezvous locks, reader-writer l...
look(1)             - find lines in a sorted list
loopback(3)         - network link simulation
lp(1)               - printer output
lp(8)               - PostScript preprocessors
lpt(3)              - parallel port interface for PC's
ls(1)               - list contents of directory
mach(2)             - machine-independent access to executable files
mail(1)             - mail and mailboxes
malloc(2)           - memory allocator
man(1)              - print or find pages of this manual
man(6)              - macros to typeset manual
map(6)              - digitized map formats
map(7)              - draw maps on various projections
marshal(1)          - formatting and sending mail
matrix(2)           - Geometric transformations
mc(1)               - multicolumn print
memdraw(2)          - drawing routines for memory-resident images
memlayer(2)         - windows of memory-resident images
memory(2)           - memory operations
mhtml(6)            - macros for formatting HTML
mk(1)               - maintain(make) related files
mk9660(8)           - create an ISO-9660 CD image
mkdir(1)            - make a directory
mkflashfs(8)        - make a journalling file system for flash memory
mkfs(8)             - archive or update a file system
mkpaqfs(8)          - make a compressed read-only file system
mktemp(2)           - make a unique file name
mkusbboot(8)        - generate bootable USB or other disk image for PC
mlmgr(1)            - unmoderated mailing lists
mnihongo(6)         - macros for typesetting Japanese
mnt(3)              - attach to 9P servers
mntgen(4)           - automatically generate mount points for file systems
mouse(2)            - mouse control
mouse(3)            - kernel mouse interface
mouse(8)            - configure a mouse to a port
mp(2)               - extended precision arithmetic
mp3dec(1)           - decode audio MPEG files (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mp3enc(1)           - create mp3 audio files
mpictures(6)        - picture inclusion macros
ms2html(1)          - convert between troff's ms macros and html
ms(6)               - macros for formatting manuscripts
mtime(1)            - print file modification time
mug(1)              - convert an image to a face icon
muldiv(2)           - high-precision multiplication and division
na(8)               - assembler for the Symbios Logic PCI-SCSI I/O Processors
namespace(4)        - structure of conventional file name space
namespace(6)        - name space description file
nan(2)              - not-a-number and infinity functions
ndb(2)              - network database
ndb(6)              - Network database
ndb(8)              - network database
nedmail(1)          - reading mail
netstat(1)          - summarize network connections
news(1)             - print news items
newuser(8)          - adding a new user
nfs(4)              - Sun network file system client
nfsserver(8)        - NFS service
nm(1)               - name list (symbol table)
nntpfs(4)           - network news transport protocol(NNTP) file system
notify(2)           - handle asynchronous process notification
ns(1)               - display name space
object(2)           - object file interpretation functions
open(2)             - open a file for reading or writing, create file
open(5)             - prepare a fid for I/O on an existing or new file
p(1)                - paginate
page(1)             - view FAX, image, graphic, PostScript, PDF, and typeset...
paqfs(4)            - compressed read-only file system
partfs(8)           - serve file, with partitions
passwd(1)           - change or verify user password
patch(1)            - simple patch creation and tracking system
pcc(1)              - APE C compiler driver
pci(8)              - print PCI bus configuration
pcmcia(8)           - identify a PCMCIA card
pem(8)              - encode files in Privacy Enhanced Mail(PEM) format
perror(2)           - system error messages
pic(1)              - troff and tex preprocessors for drawing pictures
ping(8)             - probe the Internet
pipe(2)             - create an interprocess channel
pipe(3)             - two-way interprocess communication
pipefile(1)         - attach filter to file in name space
plan9.ini(8)        - configuration file primarily for PCs
playlistfs(7)       - playlist file system
plot(1)             - graphics filter
plot(6)             - graphics interface
plumb(1)            - send message to plumber
plumb(2)            - plumb messages
plumb(6)            - format of plumb messages and rules
plumber(4)          - file system for interprocess messaging
pnp(3)              - Plug 'n' Play ISA and PCI Interfaces
pool(2)             - general memory management routines
pop3(8)             - Internet mail servers
postnote(2)         - send a note to a process or process group
ppp(8)              - point-to-point protocol
pr(1)               - print file
prep(8)             - prepare disks, floppies and flashes
prime(2)            - prime number generation
print(2)            - print formatted output
privalloc(2)        - per-process private storage management
proc(3)             - running processes
prof(1)             - display profiling data
proof(1)            - troff output interpreter
proto(2)            - parse and process a proto file listing
ps(1)               - process status
ps2pdf(1)           - convert between PostScript and PDF
pump(1)             - copy asynchronously via a large circular buffer
pushssl(2)          - attach SSL version 2 encryption to a communication cha...
pushtls(2)          - attach TLS1 or SSL3 encryption to a communication channel
pwd(1)              - working directory
qball(2)            - 3-d rotation controller
qer(8)              - queue management for spooled files
qsort(2)            - quicker sort
quaternion(2)       - Quaternion arithmetic
quote(2)            - quoted character strings
ramfs(4)            - memory file system
rand(2)             - random number generators
ratfs(4)            - mail address ratification file system
ratrace(1)          - trace process system calls
rc(1)               - command language
rc4(2)              - alleged rc4 encryption
rdbfs(4)            - remote kernel debugging file system
read(2)             - read or write file
read(5)             - transfer data from and to a file
readcolmap(2)       - access display color map
readv(2)            - scatter/gather read and write
reboot(8)           - reboot the system upon loss of remote file server conn...
regexp(2)           - regular expression
regexp(6)           - regular expression notation
remove(2)           - remove a file
remove(5)           - remove a file from a server
rendezvous(2)       - user level process synchronization
replica(1)          - client-server replica management
replica(8)          - simple client-server replica management
resample(1)         - resample a picture
rewrite(6)          - mail rewrite rules
rio(1)              - window system
rio(4)              - window system files
rm(1)               - remove files
root(3)             - the root file system
rsa(2)              - RSA encryption algorithm
rsa(8)              - generate and format rsa keys
rtc(3)              - real-time clock and non-volatile RAM
rune(2)             - rune/UTF conversion
runestrcat(2)       - rune string operations
rwd(1)              - maintain remote working directory
sam(1)              - screen editor with structural regular expressions
scanmail(8)         - spam filters
scat(7)             - sky catalogue and Digitized Sky Survey
screenlock(8)       - disable access to a terminal
scribble(2)         - character recognition
scsi(2)             - SCSI device operations
scuzz(8)            - SCSI target control
sd(3)               - storage device interface
sdahci(3)           - AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) SATA (Serial...
sdaoe(3)            - ATA-over-Ethernet(AoE) storage device interface
sdp(3)              - secure datagram protocol
sechash(2)          - cryptographically secure hashes
seconds(1)          - convert human-readable date (and time) to seconds sinc...
secstore(1)         - secstore commands
secstore(8)         - secstore commands
securenet(8)        - Digital Pathways SecureNet Key remote authentication box
sed(1)              - stream editor
seek(2)             - change file offset
segattach(2)        - map/unmap a segment in virtual memory
segbrk(2)           - change memory allocation
segflush(2)         - flush instruction and data caches
segment(3)          - long lived memory segments
semacquire(2)       - user level semaphores
send(8)             - mail routing and delivery
seq(1)              - print sequences of numbers
setjmp(2)           - non-local goto
sin(2)              - trigonometric functions
sinh(2)             - hyperbolic functions
size(1)             - print size of executable files
sleep(1)            - suspend execution for an interval
sleep(2)            - delay, ask for delayed note
smtp(8)             - mail transport
smtpd(6)            - SMTP listener configuration
snap(4)             - create and mount process snapshots
snap(6)             - process snapshots
snoopy(8)           - spy on network packets
soelim(1)           - preprocess so inclusion commands in troff input
sort(1)             - sort and/or merge files
spell(1)            - find spelling errors
spin(1)             - verification tool for models of concurrent systems
split(1)            - split a file into pieces
src(1)              - find source code for executable
srv(3)              - server registry
srv(4)              - start network file service
ssh1(1)             - encrypted login and file copy with foreign systems via...
ssh2(1)             - encrypted login and copy with foreign systems via SSHv2
ssh(4)              - serve SSH v2 over TCP
ssl(3)              - SSL record layer
stat(2)             - get and put file status
stat(5)             - inquire or change file attributes
stats(8)            - display graphs of system activity
statusbar(8)        - display a bar graph status window
stop(1)             - print commands to stop and start processes
strcat(2)           - string operations
string(2)           - extensible strings
strings(1)          - extract printable strings
stringsize(2)       - graphical size of strings
strip(1)            - remove symbols from binary files
stub(8)             - provide mount point stubs
style(6)            - Plan 9 coding conventions for C
subfont(2)          - subfont manipulation
sum(1)              - sum and count blocks in a file
swap(8)             - establish a swap file
symbol(2)           - symbol table access functions
syscall(1)          - test a system call
tail(1)             - deliver the last part of a file
tapefs(4)           - mount archival file systems
tar(1)              - archiver
tarsplit(1)         - split a tar archive into archives under some size, or ...
tbl(1)              - format tables for nroff or troff
tcs(1)              - translate character sets
tee(1)              - pipe fitting
tel(1)              - look in phone book
telco(4)            - telephone dialer network
test(1)             - set status according to condition
thesaurus(1)        - search online thesaurus
thread(2)           - thread and proc management
thumbprint(6)       - public key thumbprints
time(1)             - time a command
time(2)             - time in seconds and nanoseconds since epoch
timesync(8)         - synchronize the system clock to a time source
tinyurl(1)          - shrink a URL
tls(3)              - TLS1 and SSL3 record layer
tlssrv(8)           - TLS server and client
tmpfile(2)          - Stdio temporary files
touch(1)            - set modification date of a file
tr(1)               - translate characters
trace(1)            - show (real-time) process behavior
trampoline(8)       - forward incoming calls to another address
troff(1)            - text formatting and typesetting
troff2html(1)       - convert troff output into HTML
tweak(1)            - edit image files, subfont files, face files, etc.
twsi(3)             - two-wire serial interface(TWSI) and inter-integrated ...
u9fs(4)             - serve 9P from Unix
uart(3)             - serial communication control
udpecho(8)          - echo UDP packets
uniq(1)             - report repeated lines in a file
units(1)            - conversion program
upasfs(4)           - mail file server
update(8)           - administration for local file systems
uptime(1)           - show how long the system has been running
usb(2)              - USB device driver library
usb(3)              - USB Host Controller Interface
usb(4)              - Universal Serial Bus device drivers
usbd(4)             - Universal Serial Bus daemon
usbfs(2)            - USB device driver file system library
users(6)            - file server user list format
utf(6)              - character set and format
vac(1)              - create, extract a vac archive on Venti
vacfs(4)            - a Venti-based file system
venti(1)            - simple Venti clients
venti(2)            - archival storage server
venti(6)            - archival storage server
venti(8)            - archival storage server
venti-backup(8)     - copy arenas between venti servers
venti-cache(2)      - Venti block cache
venti-client(2)     - Venti client
venti.conf(6)       - a venti configuration file
venti-conn(2)       - Venti network connections
venti-fcall(2)      - venti data formats
venti-file(2)       - Venti files
venti-fmt(8)        - prepare and maintain a venti server
venti-log(2)        - Venti logs
venti-mem(2)        - error-checking memory allocators
venti-packet(2)     - zero-copy network buffers
venti-server(2)     - Venti server
venti-zero(2)       - Venti block truncation
version(5)          - negotiate protocol version
vga(3)              - VGA controller device
vga(8)              - configure a VGA card
vgadb(6)            - VGA controller and monitor database
vi(1)               - instruction simulators
vnc(1)              - remote frame buffer server and viewer for Virtual Netw...
vt(1)               - emulate a VT-100 or VT-220 terminal
wait(2)             - wait for a process to exit
walk(5)             - descend a directory hierarchy
watchdog(8)         - reset the system if it gets stuck
wc(1)               - word count
wd(3)               - hardware watchdog timer
weather(1)          - print weather report
webcookies(4)       - HTTP cookie manager
webfs(4)            - world wide web file system
who(1)              - who is using the machine
wikifs(4)           - wiki file system
window(2)           - window management
winwatch(1)         - monitor rio windows
wol(8)              - send wake-on-lan Ethernet packet
xd(1)               - hex, octal, decimal, or ASCII dump
yacc(1)             - yet another compiler-compiler
yesterday(1)        - print file names from the dump
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